Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes

Does Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes?

It has been around for a endless time and is a common way to take care of clothes. Soft things like wool, silk, and cashmere can be cleaned and grubby well with this method. But many people are not sure does dry cleaning shrink clothes. There is not a simple answer because it is depends on many things.

We will talk about the facts of dry cleaning and how it changes clothes in this informative blog post. We will also talk about how to protect clothes from shrinking and what to lookout out for when dry cleaning them.

What is Dry Cleaning?

A chemical named (a chemical substance) is used in its place of water to clean them when you dry clean your clothes. In this method, the clothes are put into a machine that spins them in the flush, which gets rid of any dirt and marks. After that, the clothes are taken out of the washer, dried, pressed, and given back to the owner.

Most of the spell, dry cleaning is used for weak fabrics that cannot handle actuality washed in water. It also gets rid of oil based spots that other methods of washing might not be able to.

Does Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes?

Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes

The question does dry cleaning shrink clothes in comes in everyone’s mind but this question answer is yes, dry cleaning can make clothes smaller. But it does not occur as often as you might think. Most of the spell, a chemical named perchloroethylene (or “perc”) is used as a solvent. This chemical is less expected to cause shrinking than water.

Perc is a abundant cleaner for getting rid of marks and dirt, but it does not get into fibers like water does. In other words, clothes are fewer likely to shrink when they are drying cleaned.

Then again, some fabrics may shrink more simply, even with perc. A part of the dry cleaning procedure is heating and moving the clothes everywhere, which can make wool and silk shrink. In the same method, the chemicals used in dry cleaning can make small borders or decorations on clothes lose their shape and size.

Also, the item may shrink throughout the cleaning process if the dry cleaner does not handle it correctly or if it was washed in water before. So, it is very essential to read and follow the care label guidelines on your clothes before you send them to be dry cleaned.

How to Prevent Shrinkage When Dry Cleaning Clothes?

There are some things you can do to make sure your clothes do not shrink while they’re being dried cleaned:

Choose a reputable and experienced dry cleaner: Before you select a dry cleaner, make sure you do particular study and read reviews. A skilled dry cleaner will see how to handle different types of fabrics so that they don’t shrink.

Inspect the garment beforehand: Check your clothes for harm or free threads that could get caught in the machine before you send them to be dry cleaned. These can create your clothes shrink or get damaged while they are actuality washed.

Prepare delicate embellishments: Before you send your garments to be dry cleaned, make sure to keep any delicate trims or decorations like beads, lace, or sequins. For safety, you can use a net washing bag or turn the item inside out and put a cloth above the decorations.

Ask for a low heat setting: The machines at most dry cleaners can be set to various levels, and the temperature can be different. So that your clothes do not shrink, query the cleaner to use a lower heat setting whereas they clean them.

Follow care label instructions: Always read the care label on your clothes and do what it says. Labels will say you if an item of clothing can be dry cleaned and what additional steps you need to take.

Other Factors That Can Cause Shrinkage

Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes

Clothing can shrink for causes other than the dry cleaning method itself, such as:

Quality of fabric: Better blends of materials, like 100% cotton, wool, or silk, are less possible to shrink than worse ones. They are this method because they were strongly knit and pre-shrunk though they were being made.

Heat: Clothes that have not been correctly pre-shrunk can shrink when they are showing to high heat. So, it is very essential to follow the care label instructions when you wash and dry your clothes at home.

Agitation: A lot of movement can make fabrics shrink, just like heat can. That’s why it is significant to follow the care label directions and wash clothes on a gentle cycle once you do it at home.


Dry cleaning is a good method to clean clothes that are delicate or dirty. Dry cleaning shrink clothes, but not as often as when you wash them the outdated way. By taking the safety stages this post suggests, you can lessen the chance that your clothes will shrink when they are dry cleaned. It is significant to always read and follow the care label recommendations on your clothes.

For the better results, select a dry cleaner with a good character. Always take good care of your clothes before sending them to the dry cleaner. They will come back clean, fresh, and not shrunk. But do not be frightened to use this way to take care of your clothes. Enjoy having a neat closet!

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